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Documents and Forms

Type of Visa Duration Purpose of visit Supporting documents
Tourist Valid for a maximum of six months from date of issue of visa It is not possible to extend. Tourism or to visit family and friends Application Form, Passport,Photo
Business Six months to a year Related to business promotion, discussions etc A signed letter from the company in Israel on the company letterhead, giving company profile, position of applicant, purpose and dates of visit, guarantee of costs to be incurred during the trip. Invitation letter from the Indian business counterpart, with name of applicant, purpose and dates of visit.
Employment If eligible, employment visa is granted for a maximum period of one year at the Embassy. Extension, if required, has to be sought in India. The Embassy also does not have a policy of issuing employment visas for second time to the same person for working more in that company, amounting to extension. For those who will be employed and resident in India Signed employment contract, which gives details of employment, durations and terms and conditions. If applicant is working then NOC is require from israeli employer
Journalist visa Maximum of one year For those who are admitted to a recognised Indian College/university Detailed letter from the Israeli media agency/ company with an introduction about the journalist, purpose, dates of visit etc. Fill a separate application form(if you wish to film in India) and submit list of equipments to be carried to India
Student Depends on duration of the course For those who are admitted to a recognised Indian College / University Admission letter from recognized Indian Institution in the name of applicant, giving dates, title and duration of the course. Bank statement is mandatory
Transit visa A transit visa is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel through India to reach his / her ultimate destination outside India. Change of purpose is not allowed. The visa will ordinarily be valid for a single journey and for entry within 15 days of date of issue. The transit visa is valid for direct transit irrespective of the period of stay in transit which cannot be more than three days of visit and if the journey is not performed within the period of the validity of the transit visa, a fresh transit visa will be required. A person who desires to make two entries into India in transit in the course of the same journey can be granted a transit visa valid for two entries and for stay in transit for a period not exceeding 3 days for each journey Changing flights and traveling to another country and NOT for tourism or business. Copy of confirmed tickets for onward journey
Research Depends on the nature of research and documents given to Embassy. Processing time is between two to four months. To pursue research through Indian Universities Fill visa form and Research Visa application form. Synopsis of proposed research work, information regarding qualification, background and aims of the researcher, details about Supervisor (in Israel), proposed time period of research and financial arrangements for research including local costs.
Medical Visa Duration of visa depends upon the treatment period Applicants going for medical treatment Letter from the hospital is require along with the application form, passport and photo
Conference Visa It will be given for One month Single entry visa Applicant attending the conference Invitation Letter should come on applicants name, Letter require from Home Affairs, Letter require from Ministry of External Affairs along with the Application Form, passport and photo

Sr. No. Forms for Visa and Related Services PDF
1. Additional Visa Form for Foreign Non-Israeli Passport Holder Download