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How do I Apply for a Visa?

Cox and Kings Global Services in Israel has introduced a new facility to meet the increasing demand for India Visas among citizens of Israel. It is our constant effort to provide greater comfort and convenience to our visa applicants. Applicants residing in Tel Aviv (Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva and Haifa centres to be operational from 09th April 2013) will have the facility to submit their applications at the nearest India Visa Application Centre as per their convenience. All information pertaining to India Visa Application is available on this website. It is mandatory for all applicants to fill Visa Application form online in order to get an appointment. Kindly read all details specified thoroughly for successful submission of your applications. Applicants are advised to follow the steps to submit visa applications at India Visa Application Centre at suitable location.

Kindly note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Step 1

Type of Travel

Ascertain the type of visa to be applied for by referring to Type of Visa under Documents and Forms. Applicants are requested to contact the Visa Centre for assistance in cases where they are unsure of the type of visa application to be submitted. Please be sure of the type of visa to be applied for based on the purpose of your trip. We are not in a position to advise the type of visa that you should apply for and confirm outcome or processing time of the same. If an application has been submitted incorrectly, the visa may not be processed and a fresh application may be required. Kindly refer to the details provided in Type of Visa under Documents and Forms for a better understanding of visa types. Applications once submitted cannot be changed and any fees are not refundable. If during the application process it is found that the actual purpose of travel was concealed, the visa application will be rejected without refund of fees.

Step 2


Make arrangements to have the necessary documents available as per the Supporting Documents under Documents and Forms. Attach all supporting documents required as per this list. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.

Step 3

Fill your Visa Application Form
All Individual visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through online application link, in order to make an application for getting the Indian visa.

Step 4

Submit your Application
Submit online application form duly signed along with 1 recent photograph (recent, coloured, sized 4 inches x 4 inches, with white / light background) and relevant documents supporting the type of visa being applied for. The photograph must be clear and not scanned. Please refer to Photo Specifications on Apply for a Visa at Counter.

Step 5

Application Processing, Payment of Visa Fee & Service Charges
Once you have checked in at our welcome desk, please collect your token number. You will be directed to a counter where our customer service officer will verify the presence and compliance of all of your required documentation. If the Visa Application Form or any supporting document is incomplete, you will be given a follow-up form indicating which documents are missing. Under such circumstance, you will be requested to complete the same and then schedule a fresh appointment to submit your application. If your application is in order, please proceed to make payment towards the applicable Visa Fee & Service Charges. Collect your Invoice Cum Receipt against application submitted, which needs to be presented at the time of passport collection.

Step 6

Book an Appointment
Application submission will also include capturing of Biometrics of the applicant. As capturing of biometrics is a time consuming process, it is advisable for all applicants to Book an appointment few days in advance before walking into the India Visa Application Centre.  If applicants walk-in without a prior appointment, there will be a delay in providing service as it will be based on availability of time with the submission officers. Please refer to the Online Appointments page for a step by step guide on booking an appointment at the India Visa Application Centre.

Step 7

Track your Visa Application
Applicant can track the status of your application through our website link Track your visa application. Kindly key in your Application Reference Number and Passport Number for verification purpose to avail information on progress made towards your application.

You can also call on our helpline number or email us to know the status of your passport.

Step 8

Passport Return
Once your visa application has been processed by the Embassy of Inda, an E-mail notification is sent informing you to come and collect your passport from India Visa Application Centre.

Step 9

Collect your Passport
To collect your passport physically, please visit our India Visa Application Centre with your Invoice Cum Receipt assigned at the time of submission of your application.

If you wish to designate a representative to collect your passport, then under such situation your representative should bring a written authorization letter signed by you, along-with your Invoice Cum Receipt, and an original copy of their own photographic ID, such as a passport or driving license. Once your application process is complete, all of your records will get automatically purged from our servers.